Secular Music, Not Fully Unholy As Religious Fanatics Paint It

Religious fanatics all over the world despise worldly circular music. Judgmental people. People who are quick to judge that a song is worldly or unholy simply because the lyrics of such songs describes the way a man woes a woman. Or because the artist or group of musicians are atheists, badly or roughly dressed. What defines good music? Good music isn’t unholy even if it doesn’t contain the name “Jesus” in its lyric. Good music is one whose lyrics or instrumental doesn’t influence one into committing evil. It’s common knowledge that music can be very influential.

In the Holy Bible, two books were dedicated to music, Songs of Solomon and Psalms. The Book of Psalms contains hymns of praise, thanksgiving, worship, faith, security, divine intervention and lots more. Songs of Solomon on the other hand, is a book that contains love songs written by King Solomon, the only King who had the most wives and concubines. The explicit lyrics used in most verses in the Songs of Solomon describe the expression of love.

Religion has blinded many people. They interpret things carnal into spiritual things wrongly. It’s never been a crime to listen to good music. I express this thought based on the opinion that when Jesus attended the wedding at Canaan where he performed his first miracle of changing water into wine, music was played here. Though the bible doesn’t specify the genre of music played during the wedding or whether music was played at all but its common sense to know that every celebration is a gateway for music and dancing.

I personally listen to songs that aren’t listed under the gospel genre. What I simply do is to screen the lyrics of the song to check for profanity, immorality, negative message, blasphemy or slander. If it doesn’t contain such objects then it’s good for my ears depending on my mood. I also check the instrumental. Different beats influence different moods. Some songs can put you to sleep; others are good for exercising while many more can help you concentrate. Remember that most secular music contains clever rhyme-schemes, varied use of refrain-lines or words, and different metric patterns so watch out. If you can’t screen it, leave it. Seeing The “Explicit Content” logo tagged to a song alone is enough to tell to back off as the lyrics of such songs will most likely pollute your mind.

sexually explicit

In summary, good music is good music, gospel or not. It’s what it makes you do or influences you to do that matter can this can be checked and controlled. Don’t act too holy in your ways and lose the essence.


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