They Are Doing It, So What? 6 Things You Shouldn’t Rush Into

Don’t be intimidated by what your mates or peers are doing. Either because you feel you ought to be doing it or that you are being pressured to do it by your folks or the community.

1. So They Are Hanging Out, Kissing, Cuddling And Having Sex.

Why rush to do the same when after your marriage ceremony you’ll have the rest of your life to hang out, kiss, cuddle, hug and have sex with your spouse. Mark Gringor said during his “Laugh Your Way Into Marriage” seminar in 2005 that it’s an error to get involve in sex or be promiscuous before marriage because we imprint during first time experiences hence we go into relationships with great sexual expectations. Secondly, couples who have sex before marriage do not perform as good as couples who got married as virgins.

2. So They Are Getting Married.

It’s their time. Don’t feel pressured into getting married immediately too. After all, the Bible says it’s better if possible for a man to stay unmarried. Notwithstanding, at the right time and season, when you are ready, you will know. Don’t rush in too quickly, feel bored and attempt to rush out like most Hollywood celebrities.

3. So They Just Got Married And A Baby Is Already On The Way.

Funny enough the blessing of a fruitful marriage is having children. Four months after marriage, a couple produces a live baby that isn’t premature. Cause: Premarital sex. So what instigated the marriage was the pregnancy in the first place. Anyway, remember that not every fresh marriage needs a child spontaneously. If you fail to plan before bringing a child into the world, you’ll have problems raising that child.
If you are still expecting a baby in your own marriage, don’t give up. Your time will come and know that it’s never too late. Abraham, God’s faithful servant and friend had Isaac, his son when he was 99 years old.
I know the times are different now but God still remains faithful.

4. So He Just Got Promoted.

Don’t allow your thoughts to lead you to sin. The sin of envy is very common when it comes in tune with comparison. What did you want before, not your friend not to progress? Just keep doing your best at work and some day you will also get a promotion and salary raise.

5. So He Just Bought A New Car.

His work probably needs it. He probably got on loan. If you need a car in your life or business, work hard. Hard work, determination and diligence pay off on the long run. In some aspects of life, owning a car is insignificant. It will only drain your pocket when expenses arise from repairs and maintenance. One simple policy that I follow is that if an asset can’t generate funds for its maintenance it’s just a liability.

6. So They Just Moved Into A New House.

Do you know that not every rich man on earth lives in his own house? Some jobs require that you move up and down the globe. Some people hardly settle in a location for more than six months. Buying a house in all the locations you visit is pointless. Again, it you need a house, work hard and save enough money to buy a plot of land first. As time goes on you’ll have enough money to start the foundation before building the house to your specification.

There is time for everything, a time to sow and a time to reap.


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