Jesus Worked, Jesus Walked

Many pastors, priests and ministers have resigned from their jobs and concentrated on preaching only the Word of God with full dependence on God and the seeds sown by their members. I was in church today and I was inspired by this thought “Jesus Worked, Jesus Walked”. I want to share my thoughts about the ministers of the Church today and the ministry of Jesus Christ, our mentor, teacher and leader. The Bible, as you know didn’t record the activities of Jesus Christ from age 13 to age 30. The account seized after He was reported missing by his parents and found in the temple and continued when He went to be baptized and fasted.

Based on the knowledge I have of the Holy Scriptures, I’d say Jesus was busy working in Joseph’s carpentry workshop, perfected his skills and started a trade of his own. The son of a carpenter, he was called. While doing the upholstery business, he must have had clients who were Pharisees, Sadducees, Jews and Gentiles. While watching the movie “King of Kings (1961)“, a particular scene showed where Mary asked her son Jesus when he will finish working on the chair she requested. Portions of the gospel also showed us that Jesus paid his taxes. Jesus being our teacher was known to provide food for his followers and the congregation, he even went as far as washing the feet of his disciples. Jesus in all his majesty also visited sinners and dined with them thereby converting them. The spirit is pride is never found in Christ rather he diligent, faithful, caring and hardworking.

Isn’t He “Jesus” the same wise teacher who sent his disciples out to preach and instructed them not to receive any gifts under their belts?

Why then do pastors and ministry leaders of our time fully depend on the tithes and offerings of their followers? The offerings and tithes collected by a church are supposed to provide for the church and its members alongside new believers who need food and shelter. I’m not in any way saying that a pastor shouldn’t take care of himself from the offerings collected but the point I am trying to make is that pastor or church leaders should learn to work actively and earn a living instead of at least partly depending on the God given talents.

Pastors who were professionally trained as architects, engineers, doctors, surgeons, etc tend to give up their trade on go into full gospel ministry before they clock age 45. I am by no means saying it is entirely wrong because it all depends on the strength of one’s ministry. Practically speaking, there comes a time when a pastor gets appointed as a General Overseer, Bishop or even a Reverend and the job becomes very tasking. It will be very understanding to partially or fully quit one’s first profession in order to fully handle ministerial duties. But when one’s just starting out as a pastor “a very young pastor” if I may add, I personally deem it wrong for him to quit his first profession or current job and fully rely on the tithes and offerings of his very few followers. I am going to support my position on the matter with the following reasons.

  1. It shows laxity on a pastor’s part. How can he teach his members to work very hard at 25 if he quit his job “if he had any” all in the name of starting up a ministry. Apostle Paul was a Roman lawyer whose job was to persecute Christians before he got saved yet he used his experience at court to carry out his ministerial duties. During that time, Apostle Paul was hardworking as he worked tirelessly to persecute as many Christians as possible.
  1. The pastor will most definitely lack natural experience. It’s easier to relate with people when you have passed through an actual life experience regarding the subject topic. How can an unmarried pastor advice a married couple on marital issues when he isn’t married. Oh yes, God can give him the wisdom to settle marital matters but come on “How many men of God actually hear God’s voice these days?” when many preachers have turned their church into a business place.
  1. The pastor will struggle financially and often mismanage funds because he has no little or no experience of how hard it is to make money. Since he gets his money from church offerings and solely relies on it, he will hardly ever know what the common man or church member goes through to make money. How can he then preach our financial breakthrough when he doesn’t even understand the meaning of the “Parable of the Talents”.
  1. The pastor’s sermons may be biased and corrupted. Since he solely relies on the gifts of church members, he is likely to only preach what is appealing to his members so as to keep them entertained and comfortable thereby covering the truth.

There are so many other reasons why it is important for pastors to work or have a job before they venture into or during their ministry but for the sake of length I’ll stop here with this last words. I know that being a Pastor is also a very tasking job but I hope to see what I mean through my eyes. After all,  the disciples of Jesus all had a job before Jesus called them and that’s when they started their work.


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