9 Tips for Starting a Business (Learn Faster)

We are still in the month of February, a month I tagged “Month Of Sowing”. The term “sowing” here simply means personal development. While trading in the forex market today, I took a short break and went on to view my favorite video site – www.youtube.com– that’s when I stumbled on this cool video titled “9 Tips for Starting a Business (Learn Faster)”.

Here Is a list of recommended books to read from the video.

The first four books spoken of in the video are available on Amazon and also link to my Amazon affiliate, so I get a little commision per sale but they are all worth reading.

I decided to share the video here for you all to view. Very Informative… ENJOY

Video TimeStamp of the 9 tips for starting a business.

00:10 1. A niche that’s obvious to you isn’t obvious to everyone
01:57 2. Build upon a strength
03:00 3. Stop making excuses
05:10 4. Work for someone else first
07:54 5. Read more
09:20 6. Assume everyone is dumb
13:00 7. Every dime you spend should have an ROI
15:30 8. Get your 1st sale ASAP
17:14 9. You will be humiliated by failure


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