The Other Side Of Heaven

I love to watch movies and that’s a fact. At one point in my life, I watched over 100 movies in a month and could barely remember the title of some movies till I start playing them. But there are certain movie titles that I can never forget. One of many is The Other Side of Heaven.

It’s a spectacular movie. The film is about Groberg’s experience as a Mormon missionary in the Tongan islands in the 1950s and is based on a true story from the book that he wrote about his experiences, In the Eye of the StormThe film focuses on Groberg’s adventurous experiences and trials while serving as a missionary in the South Pacific. It starrs Christopher Gorham and Anne Hathaway.

The Other Side of Heaven

Set in the 1950s, John Groberg is playing in the band at a move being held at Brigham Youth College. Jean Sabin is his sweetheart who is dancing at the move. They hit the dance floor with one another and leave the move together. John’s family in Idaho Falls gets his main goal call. He discovers that he is called to serve in Tonga. He says farewell to his family and leaves from Idaho Tumbles to Los Angeles, where he loads up a boat and gets to Fiji where he is confined in a Fijian penitentiary. He is discharged and sets sail for Tonga, where he meets his main goal president who acquaints him with Feki, his sidekick who is a local Tongan who obviously speaks English. They are allocated to serve in a remote island of the mission. He expects a warm welcome from the individuals, yet he is welcomed with disdain by the island individuals. He experiences society stun as he changes with the Tongan society, trouble with the Tongan dialect and with a nearby pastor has advised the individuals not to listen to John or to his message. He starts by taking in the Tongan dialect, after isolating himself at the beach for days, contemplating the Holy book in both English and Tongan, getting to be more acquainted with the dialect. John and Feki assemble a house for themselves on the island. One morning, John finds that rats have consumed the soles of his feet. His kindred church parts help him as his feet recuperate. They recuperate in the nick of time for the Sunday church gatherings, and he is wonderfully ready to walk. This surprises the individuals, and they get to be more responsive to his message. One night, a gathering of men encompass John and Feki to thump them. They have been sent by the nearby clergyman. One of the men, Tomasi, breaks them up and sends them away. Tomasi spares John and Feki, on the grounds that he was submersed into the congregation and is Mormon himself.

Tomasi starts going to chapel gatherings. A neighborhood lady, at the command of her family, tries to lure John so she can have a “half-white child”. The lady’s mom gets to be affronted at John’s dismissal of her little girl. John advises her that he is sparing himself for Jean, his lady friend back home. The lady’s mom is fulfilled. A typhoon hits the island, and the island is intensely harmed. A supply ship is normal in a couple of weeks, however the boat is late. The individuals apportion their sustenance and water to survive. Numerous individuals on the island bite the dust. John is spared when the neighborhood pastor approaches him, apologizes to him, and gives John his last proportion of sustenance. The supply ship arrives, and John, Feki, and numerous others are spared. The nearby pastor passes away and is given a fair entombment. The mission president approves John to structure an assemblage on the island. John is situated separated as the limb president and calls two advisors. Feki is doled out to retreat to development. John and Feki go separate ways, and thank one another for their kinship. The new mission president visits the island and has worries about the work there. Despite the fact that a ton of work has been carried out, the mission president has no records of the work. John rapidly finishes the obliged structures and turns them into the mission president.

The mission president apologizes to John and applauses John for his work. He likewise places John in for a six-month expansion of his central goal. While going to a distant island, John and his two advisors are gotten in a real storm adrift. Each of the three are thrown over the edge and must swim for their lives. John marvelously makes it to shore and finds that his guides are likewise sheltered. When John comes back to the Tongan Island, he discovers the six-month augmentation is denied, and John closes his main goal to Tonga. The individuals thank him for all he has accomplished for them, and John heads back home to the United States. All through his main goal, John and Jean stay in touch by letters. A percentage of the account of the story is told through these letters. They stay loyal to one another and are hitched after John returns home. They have youngsters and keep on serving in the congregation. They likewise visit the Tongan islands a few times.

Though the movie was made in 2001 but it’s a classic. Click here to rent the American adventure drama film written and directed by Mitch Davis on Amazon or Read the Book The Other Side of Heaven written John Groberg.


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