The Encounter

I was going to write on a very different topic in a new category then something spectacular happened. My thoughts got spun. Reality kicked in. Lots of questions got answered. My understanding widened. My wisdom expanded. My knowledge got renewed. What happened…?

I had an Encounter. Not personally though I had something similarly last Easter Sunday and a few months. But this is brand new. While watching the movie “THE ENCOUNTER”, my eyes and heart got opened to many things.

The film, “The Encounter”, tells a story about five persons who all met in a diner due to stormy weather at night. Behold, the owner of the diner was Jesus. Mere words can’t express the activities that took place in the diner. But the film is a MUST watch. It teaches you that  Christianity isn’t a religion rather a way of life. Teaches you that God answers every prayer through faith. The film let’s you reflect on the past to see how loving and caring God is to us, even through trying times.the encounter 1

“The Encounter: Lost Paradise” is the sequel to the first.The first movie involve word action while this one includes some actual action with guns fired. It tells the story about a heroin seller married to a heroin addicts who both met Jesus and got saved alongside other characters.

the encounter 2

Like I said, mere words can’t describe the lessons learnt from the film. If you are emotional, at least a drop of tear will roll down your cheek. However, one sentence  that best describes the film is “Jesus loves you more than you can ever imagine.


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