And Truth Saved The Day

You raised me up to speak the truth.
You taught me most of all I know today.
Scolded me each time I took the wrong way.
Now you feel betrayed and drive me away.

In your native tongue you pray each day.
Though I never understand the words you say,
Watching you I learnt to kneel and pray.
Now you act like you wasted each day.

Some memories will never fade away.
How you cared for me by cleaning my wounds with warm water
Served me meals with large lumps of meat and a cup of cold water.
Tell me “why won’t I pray for you at God’s altar?”

I will always love you though you think otherwise.
I wish you could see things through my own eyes.
You always told  me to “shine my eyes”
Now you let tears flow down yours which almost makes cry.

The truth I know is what I say
It’s bitter now I guess you’d say
In almost no time, you’ll smile and say
“Thanks son, you saved the day”


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