Think Big: Some Wise Nuggets By Emmanuel A. “mcemmalex”

Here are some wise nuggets that Emmanuel A. “mcemmalex©”  has recently written  about “Thinking and Dreaming Big”.

“A dream is a movie of your ideas, thoughts, purpose & vision hence it can be stolen and pirated. Guard your dreams!” – Emmanuel A.

“Don’t work hard now and breakdown in your 40’s. Good job, good health and nutrition is golden.” – Emmanuel A.

“Wonder why THINK is spelt this way? It’s because the INK in thINK ought to be used to write down your thOUGHTs.” – Emmanuel A.

“Big Time Investors love BIG ideas even if they can’t tell how it may unfold. That makes the thinker an ARCHITECT.” – Emmanuel A.

“Sunday slowly slips into Monday in an hour’s time. Sleep into a new day waking up with a BIG dream to work on.” – Emmanuel A.

“It’s one thing to dream BIG, it’s a thousand more to see it come true. Write your dream on your wall as a reminder.” – Emmanuel A.

“Your thoughts can make or break you. RELEVANT thoughts will keep you save from lust otherwise you’ll hit the dust.” – Emmanuel A.

“I’m thankful for God has given me the only bread I asked for today. “10 percent of King Solomon’s Wisdom” – Emmanuel A.

“I’ve got a lot of ideas. Ideas that could create jobs for alot of folks. I dare not tell anyone. They’d say INSANE” – Emmanuel A.

“Before I could walk, talk and sing as an infant, i did it all perfectly in my dreams. DREAMS COME TRUE” – Emmanuel A.

“Daddy used to say “Think BIG son, it’s FREE” Now I’m a man with too many ideas and I still THINK BIG.” – Emmanuel A.

“Who told you that your dream will never come to pass? Call them “witnesses” cos they will live to see you SHINE” – Emmanuel A.

“Save the energy used in telling your dreams to mischievous friends. You’ll need it when lifting the first brick.” – Emmanuel A.

“Don’t Void Your Class For The Sake Of A Crowd” – Emmanuel A.

“Whenever you dream BIG, ignore the present reality of actualizing it because it will always look and sound funny” – Emmanuel A.


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