Army Wives Are Not Just Ordinary Women

Army Wives are not just ordinary women. They are very strong figures that every one should look up to. A young lady falls in love with a promising young man who had enrolled into the army before their acquaintance. She likes him so much that she agrees to his marriage proposal without any doubt in her heart. The young couples get married and before the honeymoon is completed, the young soldier gets a call. He’s been selected for his first tour (war). They make love for the last time before “the tour” pending his return.

Marriage of the soldier

The young soldier lies on the battle ground, gun in his hand. Fully dressed in camouflage capped with a bulletproof helmet. On his back is a backpack filled with ammunitions, several magazines, food rations and some bottles of a water. His life is in his hand. Shoot or be shot. Take cover or get hit. Walk smartly or step on a mine. Still, he is not a boss of himself as he is under the command of his squad leader.
Pretty young Mrs., sits back at home. Turns on the news, view the report of the ungoing war. Her heart leaves her chest, pumping so hard. Her sweat pores open up and out of her skin goshing heavy salty liquids. Pregnant? Oh yes she is, little baby soldier is still a festus and doesn’t even know whether his father will be alive when he is being pushed out through his mother’s vulva in the labour room.

All Hell seems let lose, until her phone rings.

“Hello babe” says a man with a bass man. She barely recognizes his voice. The young man has fully matured into grown man with a bass voice. After choking on dust and grass while crouching and lying down repeated on the battle ground. “Hello”, she replies sweating profusely. “It’s me, babe”, he returns. She breathes heavily in a way that her husband could feel the hot air from his phone receiver. What a sign of relief she feels after hearing that husky voice. Her next words “baby, are you okay?”

Soldier calling wife

This realistic sort of conversation repeats itself each time he goes to war with a theatrical thrill. It gets weird when a soldier begins to love the warfront more than his family. It is ideal that a man should love his job but when a he gets married that love should be split and a greater part should be showered on his family. There is a popular saying that “Soldier come, Soldier go but the barrack remains”. So why kill yourself when the duty can be shared.

Now my questions goes out to everyone;

  • How would you feel if you grew up refering to your dad as “uncle” because he was hardly ever due to his war trips?
  • How would you feel as a newly wedded wife if you only sleep on the same bed with your husband for a few weeks every year?
  • How would you feel if you have to forcefully build memories of your relationship since he is hardly ever around?
  • How would you feel if you hear the sound of gunshots in the background when speaking to your husband on the phone and suddenly the line get disconnected?

Soldier returns to wife

There are so many questions to ask but I’ll like to stop here. To throw more light on the situation, view the movie “American Sniper” and study the life of Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper) and his wife, Taya (Sienna Miller).

While watching “American Sniper”, I had to pause the clip and check my B.P.

My bp

You can also read American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History

So when next you see a soldier or a soldier’s wife learn to appreciate them by saying WELL DONE!


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