How Do You Start Your Day?: 5 Powerful Ways To Start An Effective Day – 3

3. Sing Praise and Worship Songs That Glorify Your Maker.

The Good Lord loves music. David sang to glorify God and He blessed him. Singing praises to the Lord is a great way to worship Him. It is even more appreciated than prayer. This is because prayer is more like a conversation in which most people ask for their needs. But when we sing praises to God, we worship and exalt Him.

If music is said to be the food for the soul, won’ t it be right to say that singing praises to God also serves as enjoyment to God. As a child. I was taught that music makes God stand from His throne. If your praise can make God stand, tell me why He won’t listen to your prayers.

Personally I love singing in the bathroom because the walls give my music a studio effect. King David danced till his clothes fell off and God was pleased.


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