How Do You Start Your Day?: 5 Powerful Ways To Start An Effective Day – 2

2. Pray Fervently and Fast At Least Once A Week

Prayer is the effective communication between a man and his creator. A man is an entity defined by the mind, body and spirit. In my own words, when a man prays, his mind prepares the speech entailing the greetings, thanksgivings, praises, worships, messages and requests. The speech from the mind is then transferred to the body and spoken through his mouth “confession”. The spoken prayer is finally received by the spirit, who converts the prayer into the spiritual language, packages it and delivers it to an angelic messenger of God who in turn guides it against the forces of darkness in the spirit realm and delivers it safely to God.

My best venue for prayer is my bathroom. While bathing I say “see me the way You created me without any clothes or adornments, Lord I adore you. Bless me the way you blessed the house of David. Wisdom is all I seek…”

Fasting on the other hand starves the flesh, leaving the body weak in preparation for the feeding of the spirit man with spiritual food. When the body weakens the spirit gets activated no wonder why it’s said that spirits walk around at night when the physical man is tired and fast asleep.

A man who prays 30 mins a day but avoids sin will get quicker answers to his prayer than a man who prays 5 hours a day but sins.


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