How Do You Start Your Day?: 5 Powerful Ways To Start An Effective Day

2015, My Year of Supernatural Encounter.  As you are reading this, you’re probably at work right now or your business place. Dusting your goods, desk, chair, PC and POS machine so let me quickly ask you this

“How do you start your day?”

Every creature starts its day differently. No two breathing beings wake up in the same exact pattern and stretching gesture. However, the way you start your day affects the way the day will flow.
I started my day in a perfect way as I woke up before my morning alarm.

  • Gave thanks, praising and worshiping my Maker and studied the Holy scriptures.
  • Brushed my teeth and washed my face. Put on my canvas and went out to jog.

During my early morning jogging routine I was inspired to make a video for you. Unfortunately, I won’t be sharing the video message I made for you today because of the resolution and poor sound quality. It was inspired and not scripted. However, I’ll write my thoughts in this post and make a better video next time.
When I returned home, I did my chores, repaired breakfast, took a shower, ate and prayed before leaving to my workplace…
Now seating and typing this post on the office desk, I will comment that if your day started in almost the same pattern as mine then you are on the right track.
Having made that video, I didn’t plan to write a long post so in summary, I will give you 5 powerful things you should do everyday and at least every Monday of the week.

1.   Wake Up Early Every Morning.


Try to wake up before 5am. There is too little time in a day to spend it all sleeping. This can be achieved by sleeping. I sleep averagely by 1:30am and rise up smartly by 5am. There are just 24 hours in a day of which I’m not too happy about because it’s not enough to finish all the things I have planned. Hence, learn and practice effective time management and daily planning. You can try using an alarm, an hourly and daily planner. (you can also get an app that handles all these)

Late To Bed, Early To Rise, Early To Sow, Early To Harvest and The Barn Gets Bigger Making John A Wealthy Man,

Early To Bed, Late To Rise, Late To Sow, Late to Harvest and The Barn Shrinks Inwardly Making Johnbull Poorer Every Season That Passes.

A little sleep a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest so your poverty will come like a prowler and your want like an armed man (The Book of Proverbs)


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