How Often Do You Eat Fruits and Veggies?

I’m yet to find a man who hates fruits and vegetables. It’s a goose chase. Man was created and placed in a garden filled with trees that bear different sweet fruits. Long before man discovered steel for the easy slaughter of animals used as meat, man ate fruits as food, meat and assorted drink. No wonder, some have chosen to be vegetarians.

fruits seller along Abuja road

A vegetarian is one who doesn’t eat meat. One may ask “how can a man live without eating meat?” Well, it will interest you to know that barbecue isn’t tempting to every man that breathes. Take a look at the skin of a vegetarian, if you find one around you. They look very fresh and hardly ever fall sick. That’s the power of vegetables and fruits.

“Eve never complained about Adam having a mouth odour even when toothbrushes were a myth because fruits keep the mouth through to the stomach fresh and clear.”

Fruits and vegetables are very rich in vitamins. When I speak of fruits, I don’t mean fruit juices. Fruit juices have their part to play in providing man with access to some vitamins but it can’t be compared to the raw source.
Living on fruits and vegetables alone isn’t an easy feat. Every fruit has its season and when a fruit’s season is approaching its end, the price of that fruit in the market rises. Besides the increase in price of local fruits during offseason, the cost of imported fruits is usually equal to or greater than the cost of a plate of a local meal in a diner.

Fruits are imported because some fruits can grow where others can’t. This is caused by climatic, soil, season, pests, weeds and other factors. I love apples but it doesn’t grow freely here in Nigeria where I reside presently compared to its bountiful abundance in France.

Some people however prefer fruit juices to eating naturally fresh fruits. I think it’s either an act of laziness or inaccessibility of fresh fruits. Laziness in the sense that some folks find it tasking to peel the back of an orange, pineapple, pawpaw, tangerine and other fruits not talking about coconuts yet. That’s a topic for another post.

In summary, eating fresh fruits is a very healthy habit. No matter the number of frozen farm animals you have in your refrigerator to consume, it is wise and ethical to ensure that you wash it down your oesophagus by eating fruits and roughages which aid digestion. Recall that tomato has the potential of preventing cancer. So when you go to The Butcher House to get your steak, don’t forget to stop by the Farmers Market to get some fresh fruits.
Cheers! Have a lovely weekend.


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