My Top 3 Nigerian Songs On My Playlist In 2015.

Besides listening to gospel songs, reading, setting up new businesses and working. I enjoy listening to good music. There are three Nigerian songs that have topped my playlist from 2014 into 2015. Without writing too much pretext, here they are.

1. Odun Yi (This Year) by Jaywon

I love this song. It’s the perfect song to play in your business place or office. The lyrics consists of strong confessions spoken to claim success in one’s endeavor. The song written and performed by Jaywon to me is a CLASSIC. For those who don’t know how to prophetically confess good things in their life, here is a song for you. Faith is the key.

If you believe say Amen

2. Adaobi by Mavin

And God saw that man needed a partner so he created the woman. In the guest to finding true love, a man can meet the girl of his dreams anywhere. The lyrics of this song and video tell a very fine story of how three guys found their soulmate in a village. The video always reminds me of the beauty of The African Woman.

3. Sekem by McGalaxy

I love watching this video whenever I want to laugh and exercise. The dance steps are very funny to me. A song performed by a comedian who converted comedy into a clean cut of fine music that will always make a sad man smile. You don’t want to listen to this song while jogging because it won’t sync with your steps.

That’s all for now folks!


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