A Poem Inspired By God: Lord, I Have Been Too Busy.

Lord, I Have Been Too Busy.

How Can A Man Be Too Busy For His Maker,

I Shouldn’t Have Been Too Busy Like A Baker.

Lord, Help Me.


I Have Been Too Busy For My Friends.

I Have Been Too Busy For My Parents

I Shouldn’t Have Placed Them First Before You

I’m Sorry, Lord Forgive Me.


For Every Bad Example That I Have Set For People Around Me

Lord Help Me To Lead Them Back To You.

I’m Saying A Big SORRY To All Of You

I’m Also Sorry, Lord.


To All Those Who I Wronged In The Past

Lied To, Cheated Or Made To Feel Downcast

Please Forgive Me.

I Am Sorry.


I Declare My Stand Today

I Openly Confess To Do Right Everday

Crucify Me If It Makes You Fell Bad.

I Am Not Sorry That I’ve Chosen The Right Path, I’m Glad


Those Who Laugh At Me Saying ‘He Will Backslide Soon

It’s The Lord Who Sets Us On a Righteous Path, Nothing’s Hidden Under The Moon

Though In Sin Was I Conceived, I’d Rather Die Trying To Break Free

Than Live In The Sinful State That The First Man Put Me In.


To My Brethren In  Christ, Mentor Me

Rebuke And Correct Me When You See Me Going Astray

A Quick Reproach May Not The Use Of A Cigar And An Ash Tray

I Want To Replace The ‘Sorry’ In My Prayer With A ‘Thank You’ Each Day


Myles Munroe, Why Did You Live Us So Soon

Thanks For The Tapes, Videos And Books Inspired By God

A Good Leader, I Pray To So Help Me Lord.

I Pray God Gives You A Crown In Heaven.



To My Friends Who Are Still Procrastinating

In Christ, There Is Better Life Worth Living

Pause, Turnover And Find Your Way Home

It’s Worth Every Step Even Though Walk Alone.


This 2015

We All Shall Learn To Walk In The Right Path

Life’s Not All About Getting A Bank Draft

So Help Us Lord To Live Right.


God Bless The Bahamas!!

God Bless Nigeria!!

God Bless  Africa!!!

Long Live Righteousness


3 thoughts on “A Poem Inspired By God: Lord, I Have Been Too Busy.

    1. I’m glad you liked it. You also inspired me. When i thought the online community would treat Christian content with a sigh, there you were. I would really appreciate it if you also reblog my poem (a humble plea to my mentor). Nothing movitates a writer as much as a responsive following. Thanks Caroline and keep being that salt that makes us taste better.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am so glad that we have made friends over this blogsphere. I hope we can continue to encourage one another. I hate to say that i have developed a routine for my followers to release a new writing every morning at 9:00 and it is all my work. I hate to say no but must stick to my policy. I look forward to reading more of your stuff!


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