Baptism: The First Sacrament

Baptism is defined by the church as the forgiveness of original sin, cleansing of a soul, separation from evil, denial of Satan and dedication of the soul to God through the sprinkling or immersion in water.

A Sacrament is a sacred religious ceremony celebrated by churches.

Original Sin is regarded as the sin committed by Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden.

Baptism establishes a covenant with God to faithfully abide by His Laws

Importance of Baptism

1. Cleansing From Original Sin

  • It is believed that all humans born of flesh (woman), carry along with them(original sin) into this world.

Baptism either through sprinkling for infants or immersion for adults aids to cleanse one from original sin. Besides original sin, it also cleanses us from generational and inherited sin.

2. Separation From Evil

  • separation as used here means the effectual isolation of man from evil and past evil deeds.

Sin is evil and of the devil. It is that element which disconnects man from God. Sin is disobedience to God’s laws thus rebellion to His authority.
The spiritual significance of baptism helps to reconnect man to God thereby rebuilding the relationship.

Read Baptism: Three Views 

3. Dedication

  • Once a new relationship is established between God and man, a task is assigned to that man to be carried out.

Baptism is the hallmark of a man’s ministry. When a baptism, he is automatically dedicated and assigned to do the work of God. Before Jesus started teaching and selecting his disciples, the first thing he did was to go to John the Baptist, to be baptized.


Two major reasons why infants need to be baptized,

  • Infants are humans who possess a soul. A soul which has been contaminated with original sin,
  • A child’s soul needs redemption from inherited sin.

 “Baptism is a symbol for salvation just like circumcision”


Even if a man was baptized as an infant though sprinkling, he still need observe baptism through immersion. It is because as an infant, his godparents accepted his vows of baptism in his place.

Jesus was baptized as an adult not because he was with sin but because “Baptism needed Him.”

“Baptism is a symbol for salvation just like circumcision”

Vows of Baptism

Depending on the church and minister, this is the summary of the vows made to God during baptism.I claim you for the Church away from the sin of Adam,
Do you reject Satan?
Do you reject Sin?
Do you reject the promises of Satan?
Do you believe in the Trinity (God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit)?
Do you believe in the church and her doctrines?

Self Evaluation

Now evaluate yourself and see if you have been faithful to the vows you made during baptism

Have I rejected Satan?
Have I rejected Sin?
Have I rejected the promises of Satan?
Do I still believe in the Holy Trinity?
Do I still believe in the Church and her doctrines?

Significance Of Baptism

Baptism is very significant in the life of every living being especially Christian and Jews.

  1. Baptism helps to redeem and restore one’s spiritual birth right,
  2. It establishes a covenant between man and God,
  3. It’s the first approach to being “BORN AGAIN”,
  4. Obedience and Faithfulness to God’s Laws after baptism leads to righteousness and salvation,
  5. It’s the foundation upon which other spiritual gifts rest.

 “Once you are born again, the first step is to change your church.”


It’s a rule in new generation churches that if “your church can’t change you, change your church”. Part of this is true but it depends on how to see it. Your church may have been singing the good news and laws of God into your ears but because of the stronghold in your mind you may have being too stubborn to adhere to these instructions.

You can’t celebrate graduation before matriculation

However, don’t be deceived! Most churches preach the Good News and you don’t have to change your church because you feel that you are now “born again”. Baptism gives you an identity in your church and now that you have been baptized if yourself three months to test the words of your pastor and your church’s doctrine. If it goes contrary to the bible or the Holy Spirit in feels that the preachings are half baked then you can go out to find a Living church. Be sure to test the spirits.

Paradigm Shift

  • Some people are no longer interested in the wedding church service rather they are prompt for the wedding reception,
  • Some people spend too time at home playing “dress up” then get to church after the sermon -during the time for Offerings and Thanksgiving- and they dance so well as if they came to show off their clothes and adornments,
  • Some people edit the lyrics of hymns, praise and worship songs to suit their condition.


So long as you believe and keep to the teachings of the Lord and His church after baptism, other spiritual gifts will be given to you.

After His baptism, the Heavens opened and a dove rested upon His head and a voice from Heaven said “This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased”


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