Against All Odds, I Got Promoted!

I had a rough week filled with various mishaps; my car bumper got “bashed”, the electric motor of my water pump blew up, served a ticket by a traffic warden after being set me up by my seatbelt which failed to buckle, I booked two flights for my clients going to Lagos for an important board meeting which got cancelled twice due to poor visibility and minor technicalities, etc. Against all odds, after each event I smiled and said “Thank you Lord, I got the lesson”


When good things are about to come your way, there is always a period of testing. I think the Lord is setting my path towards an uninterrupted flow of abundance. I’m being prepped up for that level where even if I lose a million bucks, I’ll just smile and say “The Good Lord giveth and thus taketh.” I don’t know about your plans for this year but hear me “God Knows Best“.


Don’t be discouraged because of a few failed attempts. Faraday had his fair share during the invention of electricity. Don’t be like that gold miner who sold his land when he was just 6 inches away from finding gold. Great things come to those who are persistent and determined. No matter your occupation or present predicament, there will be an oasis at the edge of the desert.


BE STRONG, BE DETERMINED, BE PERSISTENT. Above all, BE THANKFUL because that bad experience may be the problem you need to solve for the whole world thereby raking you BILLIONS OF DOLLARS. Besides the mishaps, I started a new business and instanly got promoted to “Sub Distributor”, also did a free job and later got paid handsomely. Have a lovely Sunday!


PS: My secondary schoolmate, Kingsley Okpara, just became a father. WOW!!! God Bless His Family.


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