Kim Jong-un Is Katty Perry’s Biggest Fan

The 31 year old North Korean leader is indeed a fan of Katty Perry. You dont believe me? Then, you need to see the SONY hacked movie “THE INTERVIEW“. If some of the fables used in the movie are not true then why on earth would the government of a nation that’s more populous than most countries in Africa make derogatory statements concerning a ‘wacked’ movie?

The movie opened my eyes to certain truths like Eminem being gay and by ‘gay’, I mean a homosexual. Hahaha!!!. Don’t ask me if I am sure because that’s what Eminem told David Skylark (James Franco). I also learnt Kim Jong-un has no “butthole” and probably no penile organ. His subjects, the people of North Korea believe this because they see him as a god. I guess in North Korea, gods don’t poop or pee. Well, in Africa they do. Hahaha!!!

I seriously think Kim Jong-un probably has Katty Perry’s albums. I think he really enjoys watching US Pop Culture shows and ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ must be one of his favourites. I think he secretly wishes he could be a guest on Fashion Police or the David Letterman’s show. I think he really feels like a waste bag and he really farted and cried while he watched this movie and perhaps pooped.

Who takes a movie that features the duo – James Franco and Seth Rogen -seriously?
Only Kim and North Korea. Its like hearing that President Obama is now a Republican and you actually believe and spread the rumour. The Interview was hacked to “hornypot” people to watch it. Don’t go “googling” the word “hornypot” because only getting to see this movie will give you the true meaning. Guess what? I think Kim Jong-un also dreams he could “hornypot” Kim Kardashian but North Korea won’t dare to mess with Mr. West.

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