Children of Nowadays: How Some Kids Designed My Car Giving It An Educational Theme

As one of my prerequisites of a perfect Christmas holiday, I visited the neighborhood where I was born and raised. After greeting some old and new residents in the area, I retorted back to my car to quickly pick up some gifts which I dropped in the back seat. Stretching my hand to unlock the back seat door, I was astonished by what I saw. I pretended not to have noticed it and speedily picked up the gift bag and dashed back to meet the aged elders, gave them their gifts, received their blessings, bid them goodbye, rushed back to the driver’s seat, slot in the car key, turned on the ignition. Engaging the gear transmission, I reversed and drove back home without a single thought of what I saw while reaching for the door handle some thirty to forty minutes before…

Some folks spent quality time with their families during this past Christmas and New Year holiday festivals. Grandparents either visited their children and played with their grandchildren or vice versa. Some of the grandchildren in some families may either be adults, teenagers or adolescents, partially or fully capable to reason rationally and converse with their grey haired grannies. The grandchildren in some other families may also likely be newly born or toddlers handled in the Grandpa making weird facesair by their grannies while watching them do foolish things to make them smile. To a proud young man, it might look foolish to see an old man making funny faces and sounds in attempt to make an infant or toddler smile and they burst into tears instead. Who cares! After all in a human old age, the brain reverts back to that a child with age and experience being the contrasting element.

Children were originally created to be a great source of blessing to families, whether or not the child turns out to be a black sheep or a white rabbit. However, the behaviour of a child can be greatly influenced by his environment, neighbours, family, relatives and friends. Everyone plays a vital role in the bringing up of Proverbsa child in our society today. Gone are those days when people keep to themselves when they see a child going astray. The Biblical proverb that says ‘Do not spare the rod and spoil the child” wasn’t addressed to the parents of a child specifically, rather it was put out as a call to action to everyone in a reasonable age who can instill good wisdom to a child formally and/or informally.

Furthermore, the African man believes in tendering a little spanking accompanied with light punishments and verbal scolding to drive home the message of discipline while most Caucasians believe in oral diplomacy and detention. The final resultant is to teach a child good morals, healthy work ethics, the basic skills and teachings required to either hand forge a child into a responsible personality in the society or bake him into a vibrant well principled person that others can look up to. Provided the child turns out well, all glory will be to the parents, teachers and community in which he grew up regardless of the formula used to calculate the amount of work and effort put in to achieve a positive result. Teachers who played a vital role by Teacher Discipling+Boardscolding a ward and even going as far as drawing straight cane impressed lines on their buttocks and hands will always be remembered and rewarded by their wards when they grow up to be good leaders, citizens, business tycoons, doctors, lawyers and so on.

Recommended Books on Child Discipline Without Spanking.


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My Tutor Disciplined Me, I’m Glad He Did.

How can I forget Uncle Yaro, my tutor who taught me how to read, write (calligraphy), speak fluently, moderate events, model, act dramas and sing at a very tender age? Even though he would always scold me whenever I performed poorly, he always commended me with a big smile and sometimes bought me some snacks (mostly groundnut) whenever i performed outstandingly well or showed a measurable form of improvement. During those learning days when i did poorly, answered a question wrongly or wrote outside the guiding lines of my writing book, he would hold my head and say “akara (bean cake) is here, moimoi is here, ice cream is here, akamu (pap) is here, stone is here, NOTHING is here” then pulling my ears, he will add “look at your ears like that of a BAT”.

Bending my back at an angle of 180 degrees parallel to my thighs, he would smack my back with a pressure below 1 bar. The resulting pain was usually produced a longitudinal wave whose resonance propagated from his ‘tuning fork shaped’ hand thereby delivering a vibrating frequency  in my chest causing me to arch my back while forming a C shape as visual feedback. The other wards always burst into laughter like you – my pointed or  flat nosed reader is probably doing right now – and I would, whenever the tables turned against them.
However, thanks to his teachings and spanking, I’m a better man today and I will always give him and his children a lift and gifts as long as the North and South Pole remain opposite.

he would hold my head and say “akara (bean cake) is here, moimoi is here, ice cream is here, akamu (pap) is here, stone is here, NOTHING is here” then pulling my ears, he will add “look at your ears like that of a BAT’


Some parents and teachers in our communities today have failed in bringing up their wards and have left them on the streets to unite and build a garrison of rebellious touts, enraged brats, tattooed frats and profaned twats. These bad eggs are easily adopted, brainwashed and deployed to cause seasonal havoc, riots, killings, theft, burglaries and many more mishaps inspired by a polluted and evil heart which was earlier nurtured wrongly. The elderly members of such communities who had the privilege to correct any behavioral defects linked to genetics, heredity or peer pressure of the now degenerated low-lives have an equal share of the blame and most often become victims of their own creation.

The Creative Kids Made My Jaws Drop

 …Upon arrival to my house gate, my neighbour tried to call my attention in reaction to the jaw dropping display on my car but I drove gallantly into my compound while nodding to the motivational beat of the song titled Odun Yi (This Year), drew the parking lever up, turned off the ignition and pulled out the key leaving my gear stick on the first gear. Reluctantly unlocked the driver’s door as if I was too stingy to let the car seat rock the fully air conditioned interior. Lucky, my pet dog barked and reclined in its fashionable cage upholstery since I ignored its tail wagging welcome gestures. Jumping out of its dried bone littered cage, Lucky started barking again as I stood there like a lifeless looking crocodile targeting its prey staring at the body of my car. I was marveled at the wicked creativity performed by these new generation children who loved schooling and doing their homework on all surfaces -HAVE WRITING SLATES GONE EXTINCT- as well as perfecting their art skills.
Keyed into the external left backdoor body surface of my baby blue Toyota Avensis were the first six letters of the English alphabets with several other manually drafted zigzag shapes of what looked like a whirlwind.
See What The Creative Kids Did To My Car
Unconsciously, three words crept from my lips in the same manner that Tom the Cat (Tom and Jerry), Gandalf the Grey (The Lord of The Rings) and Tony Stark (Ironman) would puff out a smoke after drawing a cigar “Children of Nowadays”.
Gandalf Puffing Smoke

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