Nancy, My Sleeping Coffee Mug Awakens After 16 Years

Coffee mugs are byproducts of clay (ceramics). The ceramic element of the coffee mug helps to keep the coffee hot or cold. Countless numbers of mugs are produced daily around the globe. Coffee mugs come in different shapes, sizes, designs and colours.

 Mugs in the cupboard
Though named coffee mug, some people use it to drink tea. Some people have gone as far as using different coffee mugs for different moods. Coffee mugs are also cool gifts. In 1999, my High School celebrated her 20th Anniversary and that was the same year I got admitted. I was given a coffee mug and a plastic cup among other items during my first year in High School. The white plastic didn’t last a year because I used it “un-sparingly”. However, the coffee mug has stood and is still standing test of time.
 Full Black Happy Anniversary Mug
My black coffee mug is so cool. A perfect round shape when viewed from a sipper’s eye. The black coloured base inside the hollow makes you realize when the coffee is finished or almost finished. Its sipping crown has a fine fillet at a radius best known to the English manufacturers who crested a boldly written MADE IN ENGLAND under the mug in such as a way that you will begin to look for the expiry date thinking it’s edible. A few millimeters away from this is a white circle though not visible when the mug is placed on a table but it easily attracts anyone sitting 180 degrees in front of you as you slowly sip your coffee. On the front view of the mug rests the badge of my High School drawn with a green paint. The handle is so graciously formed considering the ergonomics of all ages and sexes so a 3 year old can hold the mug as firm as a 30 year old would.
 Sipping Under The MugMade in England
It will surprise you to know that since I was given this lovely looking Happy Coffee Mug called Nancy (winks), I have never shared it with any one. Neither a sip nor a spill, no lips have dared to kiss the edges of this phantom of a mug. Nancy, my coffee mug has been in a deep sleep for 16 solid years. Laying upside down in a shelf amongst other highly precious and preserved mugs. No, I’m not a mug collector but it can be deduced that I may have being inducted into “The Coffee Mug Collector’s Club” without any formal induction ceremony like the Rotract Club.
Sipping Side View Showing Badge
It’s Thursday, the first day of January 2015. The day I woke Nancy up from her deep slumber, caressing it while washing the rims and inner hollowed base. The whistling sound of boiling water in my kettle gave me the signal “NOW IS THE TIME” like a referee’s whistle. I gently placed Nancy my lovely mug on the kitchen slab and put in a teabag of Lipton Yellow, poured some hot water into Nancy and gave it the first kiss – sip – after 16 whole years. I was tensed as that was my first time of taking a sip from my black lovely virgin coffee mug which made me giggle and in turn made some tea spill and slide down the Nancy’s smooth back. I was marveled when I noticed that the sliding drops of tea didn’t quickly slide down to the table mat. Rather it moved in a wavy manner thereby giving me ample time to clean the Nancy’s back with a sparkling white serviette. I must have felt jealous while the serviette caressed Nancy’s back but a gentle caress couldn’t lead to fornication, at least not on my watch.
Mug and Beverages
I would have loved to go on about Nancy my lovely happy mug but as you know it’s New Year’s Day and I’ve got other things on my plate because after breakfast comes lunch. Once again, it’s Emmanuel A., your copilot cruising in this beautiful Boeing 2015 saying Happy New Year.


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