Happy New Year 2015: 4 Ways To Ensure A Better Year For Yourself.

Alas! We made it. Thank God. I want to welcome you my beloved reader to this fruitful year. 2015 shall and will be a year of divine encounter. A year that all pending proposals will be approved. This is not the time to look back at how you lived your life in 2014. Forget about the trials and tribulations of 2014 and look forward into the future that lies in 2015 and beyond. Forget about the meager success that you achieved or the heartbreaking failure that almost got you to a manic state last year. Remember that some experiences are naturally designed to test us but HEAR ME, the probation period is over. Thank you 2014 for refining us into the gold that we will be this 2015.

Emmanuel A working while you were sleeping

4 Ways To Ensure A Better Year For Yourself This Marvelous Year 2015.

1.    Call Yourself SUCCESS

  • The fact that things didn’t move so well for you last year doesn’t mean that slow motion is the status quo for you forever, the greatest inventions are all products of experimental failures and consistent retrials.
  • Is it an examination, interview or project that has been stagnating? Don’t worry this year, you won’t only try again because out of experience you now know better so that task must be completed. Put a #success hash tag in all your endeavors.
  • Failure plus explanation is not equal to success. Learn to accept responsibility. No one wants to hear how someone failed instead the success story is sweet music to the ears.

2.   Learn to LOVE Yourself

  • Have you always looked down on your yourself outwardly, hating your nose like Michael Jackson, wishing you were taller like Kevin Hart,  spake fluently like Queen Elizabeth, had a Celine Dionic voice and all that. Well, some physically appearances can’t be changed naturally but the way you well about yourself inwardly is what matters.
  • Always try to get the best things for yourself. When people see how nice you treat yourself, they tend to see your inward beauty as only a loving heart and show care. And yes, people easily fall in love with caring people.

3.    Step Out BOLDLY

  • Have you always been scared of challenging yourself, always playing at level one which you’ve mastered since you came into this world? It will surprise you to know that 2015 isn’t a year for lawnmowers but for skydivers. People willing to puff up their chests even if they are flat chested, stand firm like a club bouncer, take a bold step like Simba ‘The Lion King’ and fight your way to the top.
  • Are you still shy to talk to that lady you dream about every night of marrying? BE A MAN, she’s probably being waiting for you to just say “Hi” and she will do all the talking.

4.   FORGIVE instantly

  • In 2015, you don’t want to move around feeling heavy with thoughts that can make hit the electric pole head first like a Chinese nerd solving advanced calculus while walking on the streets. As long as you wear “skin” under your clothes, people will always hurt you knowingly or unknowingly. You can’t keep moving around with a grudge in your mind when the offender maintains a taunting swagger. This year, you want to move around feeling as light a chick’s feather. So the next time someone offends you, quickly call the person to order before he/she leaves your presence or hangs up the phone. A smile always comes after an immediate apology.

There are so many steps to making your 2015 better that I’d love to share but a man needs his sleep. It’s 3:30AM, 01.01 2015 AD and it’s me Emmanuel, your humble captain saying ‘Aye, HAPPY NEW YEAR. Together we made it, HIP HIP!! HURRAY!. Remain blessed.


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