6 Things You Should Do Before Bedtime Tonight

Feeling bored already or out of activities today, here are 6 things you should do before bedtime tonight. They are not too tasking.

1. Check expiry dates of canned products and drinks in your store and kitchen shelves:

Don’t suffer from food poisoning due to ignorance, nonchalance or stinginess. Dispose any expired products whether canned or naturally perishable. If the grapes you bought for Christmas are still remaining and have gone sour due to poor refrigeration, dispose them organically.

2. Change your tooth brush:

It’s time to let go of that old rickety toothbrush, the erectile dysfunction bristols are crying for mercy. Have pity and sympathy with your teeth and gums. Toothbrushes are inexpensive. A normal stick Oral B toothbrush costs below $1, some toothpastes even come with a free toothbrush.

3. Burn old boxer shorts, bra, pants and under wears:

Your white underwear doesn’t have to turn milk before you know that your sweat has sinked deeply into the fabric. When 100% Cotton becomes 30% Cotton, with your undies looking like a water filtering handkerchief. Please do not convert those eye saws into a piece of rag rather BURN them and get a fresh set of undies.

4. Change Your Handkerchief:

I don’t want to catch you cleaning your face with something that looks like a piece of short cloth soaked in a pickle jar. Toss that handkerchief into the waste bin or better still add it into the burning flames of your undies. The extra oozing smoke may help to fumigate the environment.

5. Wear a Smiling Face:

You probably may have played host to friends and relatives this afternoon and maybe one of them angered you. Delete that thought of starting to build a grudge in Super Ted brain, just take the chill pill, relax and wear a smiling face as you go out for a walk or drink tonight.

6. Use the Follow Button:

Stop being a guest on this website. Hit the Follow by email button to get notified of new posts and freebies. Follow the author on twitter @mcemmalex and Like my Facebook Page.

Nigerian readers should also note that a game will be played on my Facebook Page for free airtime to any network sent to lucky winners via Quickteller. So get busy and have a powerful New Year once again.


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